Failed Steam Trap Damage

 Fixed Orifices VS Conventional Steam Traps

 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Report



The Energy Analyst Screenshots

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Heating Load Inputs
Heating Load Results
Steam Condenser Input
Steam Condenser Results
Cooling Tower Input
Cooling Tower Results
Steam Heater Screen
Heat Recovery Steam Generator Configuration
Heat Recovery Steam Generator Results
Insulation Economics
Heat Exchanger Inputs
Heat Exchanger Outputs
Pipe Section Data
Pressure Loss Output
Gravity Drain Screen
Stack Draft Output
Flow-limiting Orifice Inputs
Flow-limiting Orifice Results
Pipe Network Screen
Ductwork Flow Inputs
Ductwork Flow Performance Calculations
Desuperheater Calculation Page
Steam Turbine Performance Calculations
Steam Turbine Efficiency
Centrifugal Pump Inputs
Centrifugal Pump Output
Gas Compressor Input
Gas Compressor Results
Gas Expander Input
Gas Expander Results
Fan Calculations Input
Fan Calculations Results
Gas Turbine Performance
Deaerator Calculations
Cogeneration Calculations
Steam and Water Properties
Psychrometric Inputs
Psychrometric Results
Flash Tank Calculations
Combustion Analysis Inputs
Combustion Analysis Results


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