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Manufacturer of

  • Plug resistant orifices to drain steam lines in power plants.

  • Diffusers for High Pressure Drop Service

  • Diffuser Silencers for High Pressure Service

Severe service drain orifices, diffusers, and silencers

Since 1971, CU Services has been protecting steam turbines from turbine water induction, by providing high pressure, A100 and B400 plug resistant orifices for the steam line drains to replace failure-prone, maintenance-intensive, steam traps and condensate traps. To protect the boiler feed pumps, CU Services has been providing the C500 , C600 and C700 restriction orifices for the feed pump recirculation and warm-up systems. This greatly reduces the initial cost and maintenance cost of the control valve.

A combination of the B400 plug resistant orifice and/or the C500 orifices provided on the boiler surface and bottom blowdown reduce the flashing, cavitation, noise and erosion of the piping. All of these products are made from the highest grade Boiler Code 316 Stainless Steel. Some of our products have been in service for 30 years without any maintenance. More than 1,000 power and process plants have counted on CU Services to protect their equipment.

Steam traps should be replaced by plug resistant orifices in critical systems and high pressure systems for these simple reasons:

  • Compared to a 1/16" fixed orifice, when a steam trap fails open the amount of energy lost can be colossal. A 1/4" trap that has failed open in a 600psig system will waste approximately $40,000 per year.
  • When a steam trap fails closed the damage can be devastating. ASME Std TDP-1-1998 (Water Damage to Steam Turbines) par 3.11.9 states "Steam traps are not satisfactory as the only means of drainage of critical drain lines."
  • A British government report is available describing the many advantages of fixed orifices over conventional steam traps including reduced maintenance and elimination of water hammer.


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