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Model D800 Steam Vent Silencers, Gas Blowdown Silencers, Pipeline Blowdown Silencer.

For use with steam vents, and gas blowdown.

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   Steam silencer

Venting high pressure gas or steam to atmosphere during a plant startup or shutdown generates unacceptable noise levels and subjects the vent valve to severe pressure drops. Use of a  D800 High Pressure Silencer  will greatly reduce the steam vent noise (or the gas vent noise) and create a back pressure on the vent valve to reduce the wear and tear on the valve.

The D800 Diffuser can be used as steam vent silencer to eliminate the vent noise or  a gas blowdown silencer to  eliminate the blowdown noise. It can also be used as a safety valve silencer. Get custom designed Vent Silencer, Steam Vent Silencer and Pipeline Blowdown Silencer from us.

CU Services Vent Diffuser Silencer Systems are different:
  • The gas pressure can be reduced in several stages within the piping system before the gas reaches the exit. This procedure reduces the amount of the final attenuation required.
  • The vent valve can be specified for a much smaller flowing pressure drop which will result in reduced first cost and maintenance costs.
  • Each stage is designed to prevent choked flow thus preventing the noise-generating shock waves.
  • Each stage of pressure reduction inside the pipe greatly reduces the final pressure to reach the exit and thus greatly reduces the exit noise level.
  • The peak frequency is increased because it scales inversely with the jet diameter ( f a 1/d).
  • The increase in frequency of the exiting fluid stream is f2/f1 a v N where N is the number of holes. For example, for a plate with 24 holes, the peak frequency, f2, will be 4.9 times higher than the peak frequency of a single hole, f1, passing the same amount of fluid.
  • Thus, with multiple holes the resulting higher frequency greatly reduces the potential to excite the downstream piping and also makes the noise easier to dissipate in the atmosphere.
  • Unlike stacked plate diffusers, the holes is the CU Services vent diffuser are sized to reduce the possibility of clogging.
  • These steam vent diffuser silencers can be located horizontally or vertically or in any combination to minimize the support requirements and allows flexibility in the piping arrangement.
  • The diffuser silencers are constructed of the highest quality 316 SS to ensure a long and trouble free life.
  • There are no pressure and temperature limits.
  • Each system is custom designed to produce a lightweight, compact, and economical system that requires no maintenance.
For a quotation, please provide the following information:

Medium:  Steam?        Other ________________      Flow rate: _______________lb/h  

Silencer Inlet pressure: ___________psi      Silencer Inlet Temperature: ________F   

 Line size: ____inch    Sch_____  

 Silencer  connection:  BW          or      Flange     {150#?  300#  Other ___________}

 Noise requirement: ____ dBA at _____ft           Any other requirements

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